Bashar al-Assad et al. standing in front of a crowd

Syrian Electronic Army Daily Report 21-9-2012

Syrian Electronic Army implemented today, 10 campaigns deployment awareness included pages of media Arab and international, and in the context of our efforts tireless efforts to refute what really thread tendentious of lies about what is happening in our country from the events, to reiterate that we continue to struggle hard to make the word right, will notand abide by anything, it is the era we had we made that we will not rest and will not go to sleep to restore  our country as it was

A boat docked next to a body of water

SEA | Leaks …. Soon

SEA | Leak is an operation carried out by the Syrian Electronic Army to expose the countries that tried to destroy This operation included penetration of most ministry’s mail systems of said nations… including the Ministries of Defense and Defense…