What had been published about our attack on Haaretz and Israeli MOT

Patti Thurman

A group of Syrian electronic army, issued by private email accounts of employees in the “country”, attacked the Ministry of Transport. Among other things raised on Pastebin is a short list of stakeholders, email addresses and passwords of office workers and other workers in Haaretz. ” This is in addition to officials and office phones. assault against the Ministry of Transport was the same method of phishing, which was sent to various employees post office with a link to a web page that tries to get them to reveal their details.

Transportation Ministry said in response that the email sent to a single number of junior staff in the office. Open mail by the employee allows to reveal his email password. Immediately blocked loophole or damage to applications or information systems firm, well protected from intrusion. It also did not leak any information of the Ministry of Transportation, or other entities associated with it, as hacking attempts. To be more financially stable, regardless of whom is in the seat, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via แนะนำเว็บบาคาร่า tenocationบาคาร่าออนไลน์ยอดนิยมแทงบาคาร่ายังไงให้ได้เงิน.

Syrian Electronic Army is a group of supporters of Bashar Assad formed in 2011 and works in recent years against targets around the world. The group says it operates independently, although President Assad congratulated her on the action, calling it a real army in the virtual world in a speech broadcast on Syrian TV in June 2011. Norman brakes, a researcher at the University of Toronto, noted that the domain name of the site group recorded the Syrian Computer Society, a body established by the brother of the current Syrian president. Assad also previously headed the club’s official goal is to encourage the penetration of computing Syria.

The Syrian Electronic Army post their messages regularly the organization’s website, Twitter account and Facebook pages that open, but closed due to complaints by the social network. However, they tend to open new accounts.
The group is remembered in part because of the break and Twitter account takeover of Reuters. They also carried out several attacks abortion (Distributed Denial of Service – DDoS) and destruction of sites belonging to Syrian opposition groups, as well as media and government bodies different in other countries. In addition, the group acts flood of articles related to Syria and Facebook pages spam attacks oppose Assad’s comments.

Network Al Arabiya reported last year that at least one department of the organization, the new network Halab (Aleppo News Network), announced support for the rebels following the fighting continued. “We are ashamed to be a Syrian After Massacres of Homs by our security forces, including slaughtering men and women stripped,” reads a page of the ANN in March..

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Source : Haaretz

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