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Hacking of all Saudi Arabia Defense websites

Patti Thurman

(The attached picture is the picture of Ministry of Defense Saudi Arabia Administration Panel)

The Syrian Electronic Army today made an huge attack on Saudi Arabia Defense websites

And succeed in hacking all the website’s that belongs to Ministry of Defense of Saudi Arabia

The Hacked Website’s :

1 – The Saudi Ministry of Defense

Website: http://moda.gov.sa

2 – Saudi Arabia Defense Industries (old website)

Website: mic.gov.sa

3 – Admission gate of the Armed Forces

Website: afca.gov.sa

4 – a Saudi government site

Website: csc.edu.sa

5 – General Directorate of Military Works

Website: gdmw.gov.sa

6 – General Directorate of Military Survey

Website: gdms.gov.sa

7 – a Saudi government site

Website: psmpq.org.sa

7 – a Saudi government site

Website: safous.gov.sa

8- Royal Saudi Land Forces

Website link : rslf.gov.sa

9- Royal Saudi Navy Foces

Website link : rsnf.gov.sa

In addition to hacking the new Saudi Arabia Defense Industries website :


Zone-H Mirror :


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