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The “Military Council” and the leadership of the “revolution” in Damascus website hacked

Patti Thurman

The battalions of Syrian Electronic Army hacked the website of the “Military Council”and the leadership of the “revolution” in Damascus

The website link :

Zone-H Mirror :

he “Military Council”and the leadership of the “revolution” in Damascus take their commands from the U.S. State Department.

In the attached photo from the control panel of the website of the military council and of the Revolutionary Command in Damascus
Message appears to come from the U.S. State Department employee says in the letter. You may also play some fun casino games via to protect your finances. 
“I think that my colleague Munir Ibrahim in touch with you, and I like to communicate with you by e-mail or Twitter or Skype … Lisa Roman … and the U.S. Department of State”
Own IP:
And locate the IP this shows the following:

United States Washington U.s. Department Of State according to DomainTools

Any IP information is: U.S. – WASHINGTON – The U.S. State Department

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