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Syrian Electronic Army in a Year

Patti Thurman

Over the full year continued, the Syrian Electronic Army the struggle initiated by the beginning of the war of terrorism and media on our dear country Syria, our goal uphold the word of truth that reflect the opinion of the Syrian people, it is truer than the Syrian people Leroy events that are channels temptation and immorality media promoted and amplified under the name “freedom”.

We present statistical of the Syrian Electronic Army activities and what we did during the year 2012.

Syrian Electronic Army Hacks:

  • Hacking of HootSuite Inc. website
  • Hacking website of the U.S. Pickens County
  • Expose Al Jazeera Channel by The Special Operations Department
  • Hacking of Qatari government Muturs website
  • Hacking AlJazeera website local CMS
  • Hacking of AlJazeera English Blog
  • Hacking of “LikeSyria” website
  • Hacking of so-called Syrian Canadian Council website
  • Hacking of Syrian Revolution Archive website
  • Hacking of “((Syrian)) National Council” website
  • Hacking of the famous Independent blog
  • Hacking of “Save Syria” website
  • Hacking of social media account of Live Stream channel, a subsidiary of AlJazeera Channel
  • Shuting down AlJadeed Channel website
  • Hacking of “Albayan” Channel website
  • Publishing usernames and passwords for AlJazeera Emplyoers
  • Hacking of “Arab Defense” and “Shabab Syria” websites
  • Hacking of AlJazeera Turkey website
  • Hacking of “Syrian Truth” and |Coordinating Syrians” websites
  • Publishing Emails And Passwords of 700 members of Anonymous
  • Hacking of Anonymous Social Network website
  • Hacking of “Altahrir” Channel website
  • Hacking of so called “Syria Al-shaab” website
  • Hacking of “AlEtjah Almoakes” website
  • Hacking of ANN Channel website
  • Hacking of “Free Syria” website
  • Hacking of AlArabiya Channel all social media account
  • Hacking AlJazeera Sport social media accounts
  • Hacking of AlJazeera Sport website
  • Hacking of Arab News Network website
  • Hacking of Al Jazeera Mobile service
  • Hacking of Nilesat website
  • Hacking of AlJazeera websites
  • Hacking of the League of Arab States website
  • Hacking of “Violations documenting center” website
  • Hacking Colombo Telegraph website that supporting Violations documenting center website
  • Hacking of “Syria Alshaab” English website
  • Hacking of nearly 1,800 U.S. website
  • Hacking of nearly 100 British site
  • Hacking of nearly 500 European site
  • Hacking of nearly 300 Israeli site
  • Hacking of nearly 2,000 Arab, Spanish and Thai Turkish Alfilbyna and many others website
  • In addition to several Hacking of pages that raise sedition on the social networking site Facebook

And always with the seal of the Syrian Electronic Army

What deployment of the Syrian Electronic Army in local newspapers and websites, Arab and international:

  • Syrian newspaper Tishreen :The Syrian Electronic Army takes the reins on the Internet in defense of Syria.
  • Aldastor Newspaper,SaudiToday Newspapaer, Al Jazeera Net, CNN talking about Hacking of Al Jazeera Mobile service
  • BBC and the Alkhaber Press and Almasry Today and Elnashara newsletter talking about Hacking of Nilesat website
  • Associated Press talking about our Hack to social networking accounts of AJStream
  • Syria’s Al-Watan newspaper:The Syrian Electronic Army, Syrian youth took it upon himself the task of defending his country in cyberspace
    And more than 50 Arab and international newspapers, which did not amuse her by the Syrian Electronic Army in defense of Syria.

Awareness campaigns:

The Syrian Electronic Army in the year 2012 made more than 3500 awareness campaign on the Arab and international pages to publish the fact of what is happening in our country away from distortion and amplification played by strife and blood channels.

Syrian Electronic Army continue it activity on all fronts of cyberspace,The Twitter account has increased 5000 member to be reached 8,000 members and 7000 tweets

The Syrian Electronic Army has also launched the following pages of it and under it direction:

  • Syria Tube Page : https://www.facebook.com/syria.tube
  • List pride in Europe Page : https://www.facebook.com/honor.list.syria
  • Syrian Arab Army Page: https://www.facebook.com/souria.arab.army
  • Vict0r Battalion : https://www.facebook.com/SEA.Vict0r

Also the manage of Facebook shut down the Syrian Electronic Army 66 times, and every time we go back to tell them we are here steadfast staying so long as Syria is.

In addition, do not forget the official website of the Syrian Electronic Army: www.syrian-es.org
The number of visitors to the Syrian Electronic Army website during this year to 40853749 visits
Jan 2012 1390273
Feb 2012 1010185
Mar 2012 894066
Apr 2012 97868
May 2012 207603
Jun 2012 520509
Jul 2012 30716720
Aug 2012 1689438
Sep 2012 920378
Oct 2012 574960
Nov 2012 2366892
Dec 2012 464857
Total 40853749

The battle is ongoing .. As long as there is trying to defy the will of the Syrian people
We are steadfast .. We wil continue .. We were and still and will remain faithful to this nation
We are young Syrian conscious we will work hard to deliver the voice of right .. Coming to build Syria hands .. Using our science .. By our Loyalty .. By our love to our country .. By our faith
Whenever returned back

The Swear of the Syrian Electronic Army:

I swear by Almighty God to remain faithful to Syria and its people and its leader and its Army and divide the army to remain united of our community Syria and our love their land and our goal to uphold and will do our dear and cheap effort and sweat and blood to defend and God witness to what we say
Long life and Long life Syria and its leader and its Army

Nation … Honor … Loyalty

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