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Qatar Leaks+: Qatar Foreign ministry staff demand higher salaries and a clothing allowance!

Patti Thurman

Some of those less important documents were demands sent to Qatari officials, one of them asked for higher salaries for the employees, another one demanded clothing allowance, and another one was sent by the owners of a building that the Qatari FM uses, demanding higher rent rates.In a “classified” document, the charge d’affaires of the Qatari embassy at Asmara, Djibouti, demanded a raise for the salaries of his own cook and maid, as well as several other employees. To be more financially stable, you might want to look into playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via Ufabet.
Meanwhile, the employees at the Qatari embassy at Amman are still waiting for their clothing allowances, and the Qatari ambassador at Bern left on a paid vacation according to the request sent on 31/12/2012. According to other documents, the same date marked the end of the Mohammad Ahmad Ibrahim Al-Sada’s mission as a deputy ambassador for Qatar in Seoul, who demanded more money for accepting this task.
The greedy employees at Qatar’s embassy at Asmara also demanded a raise on their salaries in an email sent on 3-1-2013. They employees said they are doing a lot of extra work.The rest of the emails and documents are also demands for higher salaries, vacations, paid vacations…etc.You can read those documents by clicking on the links below, or by visiting the Syrian Electronic Army leaks website.http://leaks.syrian-es.orgor

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