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Important Statement of Syrian Electronic Army

Patti Thurman

Google Translate of the Statement :

The Syrian Electronic Army management to monitor attempts to some customers for national prosecutors to discredit the Syrian Electronic Army and rhythm Syrian youth on the Internet to gain their trust and then the coup them and try to hurt them later
Therefore we would like to note some things of interest to members of the Syrian Electronic Army and some virtual media and television
No spokesman formal or informal Syrian Electronic Army In the event of a person will be announced on our website and our pages on Facebook and Twitter
There are no so-called commander of the Syrian Electronic Army, but no administration is composed of several people and when continuing a management staff with a Member Please make sure you Ttwasalon with administrative real through us through official mail or through the website for the name of the person who you deal with him note that we are conservative on the real secret identities for administrators or only known names kinetics
To maintain the confidentiality of your information and to avoid a lot of mistakes that are repeated Please do not give any information about you to those who claim to be leaders in the Syrian Electronic Army and communicate with the Department of the Army is through the official site or e-exclusively
Please do not fall into the traps of weak people, and make sure of the Syrian army page via e-access to the official site and lack of concern for those who are trying to tarnish the reputation of the organization and the fabrication of false news of the army and this only a desperate attempt to tarnish the image of the Syrian army mail in the eyes of its members and influence them
Anyone can become a member of the Syrian Electronic Army soon to join and participate in the attacks that we can do every day to find himself that he is capable of a military briefing on the subject please contact us by the official mail
Will not be dealing with anyone communicate with us only through the official website or a military administrators

Please read carefully stated and published widely

Official website:
Facebook page:
Twitter: #! / Official_SEA
Official mail: @

Syrian Electronic Army
Natio …. Honor …. Loyailty

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