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How to avoid a Ponzi Scheme

Patti Thurman

Ponzi schemes operate in the same way that their name suggests. It is a type of investment fraud that draws early investors by promising them large payouts within a short time. This scam does not only involve investing in real estate, natural resource, or other types. These schemes could involve a combination or all of these types. Although some schemes are better than others; the key to avoiding a Ponzi scheme involves being vigilant and knowing your options. And when it comes to dealing with sports betting websites, be sure to transact with safe and secured websites like

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Understanding the workings of a Ponzi scheme will help you avoid becoming a victim. The most common characteristics of a Ponzi scheme include the use of high, consistent returns, and the use of unregistered investments. These schemes often involve investing money in companies that have not been registered with the SEC. These laws prohibit fraud in investment that exploits the lack of knowledge and competence of investors. Ponzi schemes involve individuals who are not licensed as investment advisors.

The SEC does not regulate Ponzi schemes. Although the SEC regulates the securities market, Ponzi schemes are often involving individuals who have not been licensed or registered. However, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission oversees the activities of securities companies. Unlike a legitimate investment, a Ponzi scheme usually involves an investor with limited knowledge of securities laws. The SEC can keep the illusion of a sustainable business as long as new investors continue contributing to the fund. Ponzi schemes rely on investors’ trust in intangible assets.

A Ponzi scheme, unlike a legitimate investment is a scam. This involves a large number unregistered investments, which is illegal. Therefore, it is safe to make an investment with a legitimate SEC company. If it is not, it could be a Ponzi scheme. This type of scam deals with unsecured investments. This type of fraudulent investment is a sign of irrational exuberance.

Ponzi schemes usually deal with unregistered investments. It relies on an ongoing flow of new investments to pay off existing investors. However, unlike legitimate investments, a Ponzi scheme will not disclose this information to investors. The SEC can also report funds it has received from investors. Although the SEC’s office is responsible for investigating fraudulent investment scams, a Ponzi scheme is illegal, so If you think you have fallen for a scam of this type, immediately contact a NY fraud attorney to help you recover the money. While it’s legal to invest in stocks or bonds, you should always be careful about the type of securities you’re investing in.

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